Why The Very Nice? Let's break it down:

Catchy Name: Because, well, it sounds awesome!
Nice People, Nice Products: We dig working with good folks and making cool stuff you can feel good about.

Pandemic Pivot:
Like many in the music biz, COVID threw a curveball. We needed a new jam, so we started offering ways for fans to support their fave brands beyond tickets. Enter eco-friendly merch with a super-simple setup – win-win!

The Very Nice Brews:
We dipped our toes into craft beer with The Very Nice Lager (and it sold out fast! Brewing batch #2 as we speak!). We're all about using top-notch ingredients and working with the best in the biz to craft your next go-to brew.

Going Green:
We're on a mission to make our beer scene carbon-neutral – it'll take time, but we're all in! Every decision we make, from packaging to sourcing, reflects our deep care for the environment. This applies to all our products.

The Very Nice Gang Grows:
Since launch, a bunch of awesome people with mad skills in product development, design, and more have joined the crew. Expect even more cool stuff coming your way!

The Bottom Line:
We're The Very Nice Gang, not just in name, but in spirit. We want to inspire and support you to be your best, kindest self. Kindness matters, especially these days. So join us on this journey, and remember – Be Nice!